GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Early Childhood (PreK-2)

"Germantown Academy will emphasize and strengthen our commitment to early childhood education, recognizing that these years are the building blocks for the development of engaged, curious learners and healthy, purposeful lives."

-Strategic Vision, 2015

At Germantown Academy, we believe early childhood is the foundation for lifelong learning.

It’s why our PreK- 2nd grade curriculum, early childhood specialists, intentional learning spaces, and two-teacher classrooms provide young minds with the support and direction they need to become enthusiastic pursuers of knowledge.

We also know that children learn best when they’re having fun. Our PreK - 2nd grade students are immersed in hands-on, multi-sensory environments that emphasize play-based learning. In these settings, we also help students grow to be kind to others, hard workers, and thoughtful communicators—invaluable assets for collaborative learning processes they will engage in, and lead, as they advance.

Critical to fulfilling our Mission, we create partnerships with families as we guide students along their educational journey. With this early childhood foundation, so many exiting and dynamic possibilities await young learners.


As specialists in Early Childhood, our PreK - 2nd grade program includes:

  • A forward-thinking vision that promotes 21st century competencies and innovation
  • An emphasis on student engagement
  • Developmentally appropriate practices that build foundational skills across all subject areas
  • Play as a vehicle for early childhood learning
  • A co-teaching model with two faculty members in each classroom
  • Flexible programming options to meet learners and families where they are
  • Practice aligned with NAEYC program standards